Friday, February 10, 2017

Purple and Pink- an RSC17 Finish!

Woohoo! My first finish for the RSC17 January color, purple!

Purple and Pink quilt

Though a bit late, this is what became of those forty flying geese units.

Purple and Pink closeup 1

I was hoping to show a bit more of the block in it's construction phase, but it turned out the SD card was not in the camera. Last time I'll make that mistake!

The geese units, along with the surrounding dark purple, were all pieces from the pile of purple fabric. 

purple scraps

See the triangles in the lower left? All gone! As for the two pinks in the quilt, those were from yardage in the stash.

Once the blocks had the pinks on, the quilt still needed to be bigger. That's when I found a pretty floral fat quarter for sashing, which played nicely with the pinks and purples. And every last bit of it was used!

Purple and Pink closeup 2

To finish it off and tie everything together, the lighter pink fabric was repeated in the borders, helping to bring this quilt to 33" x 38", perfect as a baby size.

Quilted with one of my favorite pantos, Easy Peasy, with a soft, pink floral flannel on the back,

Purple and Pink flannel back

I'm pleased with how it all came together out of the scraps. I'd declare this a success for my first RSC venture.

Happy Quilting!


  1. That is a lovely finish! You have great purple scraps!

  2. Beautiful finish! I like the pops of pink and teal/turquoise.

  3. Now there's a breath of fresh air to brighten this unusually drab winter. Very pretty!

  4. Simply beautiful. Great fabrics. Congratulations on your finish.

  5. Very cute and colorful quilt! You have really nice scraps. It's so hard to find nice purples or any purples for that matter!

  6. Success indeed. The quilting is da BOMB!!!

  7. Isn't it wonderful how flannel highlights the quilting? This is a stellar use of your purple scraps! I like how you put a little turquoise stripe between pairs of geese.

  8. YAY! Finishes are the best! Especially when it's been a long time coming and you get to use up scraps! Way to go Susan, you are the finish QUEEN! :D

  9. I specially like the teal splashes. It is a lovely quilt, Susan!!


  10. pretty colours and the splash of turqoise really adds to the look

  11. I like the colour scheme. Great finish.

  12. Very pretty - and congrats on the RSC finish!!

  13. Well done! I have read that many people just keep making rainbow scrappy blocks for the rsc, so I am really impressed that you finished a whole quilt in only one month! Thank you for your link with TGIFF


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