Monday, February 13, 2017

Block 2 of the Growing Up QAL

Along with doing the RSC17 and Honey Pot Bee QAL's, I'm also working on the Growing Up QAL hosted by Alida at Alidatweloqdesigns. Here's this month's blocks:

Birds in the Air, variation, in solid red

and Lady of the Lake, in navy.

Both of them turned out well, though when I made the second Lady in the Lake block, I pressed all the seams open to eliminate bulky seams.

Made going through the machine easier, and no big lumps when pressing.

Keeping up with this QAL! Come join in - there's still time!


  1. I should have pressed seams open on the one I am doing right now - I hope I will not regret that I didn't! Love those two blocks.

  2. Pretty blocks. Yes, Pressing the seams open sometimes really helps!

  3. I will press my seams open when I make my block. Thanks for letting us know it works better that way.

  4. Great blocks!! Pressing the seams open is a good idea, I am usually too in a rush to take the time to do that. Thanks for being part of the QAL!!


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