Thursday, March 5, 2015

Scraplicious Florabunda--Happy News!

Yesterday I received an email from Vicki at Machine Quilting Unlimited magazine, informing me that my quilt, Scraplicious Florabunda, is the March Quilt of the Month on their online extra page!
Truly made my day! Click here to check out the magazine article!

Scraplicious Florabunda is one of my favorite quilts, not only because it's pretty to look at, but it was so spontaneously put together. So proud of how I used those weird scraps! Sorry, no pattern here!

I will say that this quilt now sports a tiny green, hand sewn, ribbon just inside the binding edge. I had entered this quilt into PIQF, and the judges comments where that the border was too big. I was mystified by the comment, wondering if there was some unwritten border proportion that I didn't follow.

So, I talked to Cathy Wiggins, who judged at Road2CA this year, and she suggested the pop of green at the edge to help. Not wanting to remove the binding (who would?), I contemplated how I was going to do that and decided on adding the green ribbon, sewn by hand so the stitches are barely visible.

And now the quilt looks even better!

Doesn't that look great? I think it helps tie it all together. Thanks, Cathy, for the suggestion. This quilt will go in one more local show, then it's on permanent display in my house.

So pull out those scraps, and start sewing!  Something unexpected and beautiful can arise.

Happy Quilting!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Distracted by Clover!

Another project has worked it's way onto my list, 
this lovely clover block, just in time for St. Patrick's Day, which is in less than two weeks. I found this block tutorial from Natalia Bonner of Piece and Quilt, as part of her Sunday Stitches tutorials. Planning for a table runner (for the hutch), and matching placemats, I quickly made up eight of these. Once the parts were ready, it took 1 minute for placement, and 5 1/2 minutes to sew it together, with finger pressing and spinning seams (click for the tutorial). Today, I'll work out the border. I'm so ambitious!

But the best part is, I've used up the majority of my well preserved clover prints!!! Yeah! Got them out of the stash, never to be replaced! And I may have enough scraps to make one more--I'll see.

As far as the other projects, I'm happy with their progress. The metro rings medallion top is done,
awaiting a day to devote to the quilting. I've had inquiries as to how I put the star in, and considering a tutorial on it. Anyone interested? Leave me a comment!

And the next step of Happy Quilting Melissa's Irish Chain Twist Quilt-along is done.
Such a fun project!  Click the link above to go to her site--it's not too late to join in!

Chocolate Covered Cherries is finished,
and now resides on my bed.  I love seeing the brown, red, pink and beige when I walk in the room--so yummy!

As for the circles quilt, I'm still thinking about that one. Guess I'm waiting for inspiration--I know it will come. But I do have four blocks done in the Patchwork City BOM that I'm doing with friends. Mine are a bit different, which I'll reveal later because I want to show my friends first!

Parkbench, from Jaybird Quilts, gets started next week, and unfortunately, my Santorini landscape is still waiting for paint.  Not sure when that will get done. And I worked on the quilting of a baby quilt over the weekend, just putting on the binding right now, so I'll show that in a couple days.

Is that enough? Yes? No? Well, at least it's keeping me out of trouble!

Have a wonderful day quilting!

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Monday, March 2, 2015

March 2015 Book of the Month

Took a me a day or two, but I've finally flipped all of my calendars to March. Yes, I have three calendars to keep track of my life! The quilt related one says that it's time for another Book of the Month, though I so enjoyed last month's choice, Cultural Fusion Quilts.  This month's selection was difficult, being that I'm prone to chasing squirrels at the moment (read about that here!). Yet, I'm excited to get started on a project from--drum roll please!--Scrap Quilting Strip by Strip by Kim Brackett.
I have two reasons for choosing this book.  One, I could use this lovely jelly roll, 
Miss Kate by Bonnie and Camille from Moda, that I won.  Or I could cut up my stash into strips, further chipping away at the amount I have preserved (reserved, stashed, hoarded, stockpiled, treasured--whatever you want to call it!). It's going to be another hard choice!

If you have this book, join in!  Or maybe you have one of her other titles. Either way, let's use up that fabric so we can buy more!

Happy Quilting!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

WIP plus Tips and Tricks

I've had two days of steady progress on my second Metro Rings medallion top, 
my own variation of the Metro Rings pattern and the Judy Niemeyer Bali Wedding Star, that I did last year for my nephew's wedding. 

I think Judy's star pattern may be paper pieced, but mine is figured out by marking lines on the cut pieces and sewing in the proper pieces.  Here, I've got pieces with the right angles ready to go.
Here, I'm sewing a star piece, matching up the fold with the marked line.
And here, re-trimming the curve, before cutting off the excess background fabric.
When sewing the blocks together, a lot of seams needed matching.  I used my technique of sewing just a few stitches at those seams, 
to check for alignment before sewing the entire seam.
This certainly eliminates a lot of ripping!

But if there is ripping, use that handy seam ripper!  Just make sure the red ball is in the seam with the right side of the fabrics facing up.
This prevents tears in the fabric, 
but sometimes it does happen.  So don't cry, it's repairable!

There are three options:  
1. replace the entire fabric piece, especially if it's a big tear.
2. tease the fibers close together and apply a small amount of fusible interfacing over the hole
or 3. do the same as #2 except fuse another small piece of fabric over the hole.

Just some more tricks to add to the tool box!

Happy Quilting!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Chocolate Covered Cherries

Who doesn't love Chocolate Covered Cherries?

I do!  And I love this quilt! Isn't the color scheme just beautiful?  Composed of brown, beige, red, and pink, a truly yummy combination. And I'm so happy to use up some of the brown in my stash, because even though it's a needed stash color, it tends to sit and collect dust.

Following free form cutting techniques, this quilt was really quick and easy to put together, even though there were curved seams.  I followed the instructions for Lattice in Sujata Shah's book, Cultural Fusion 
enjoying her process very much.  Free form cutting and fabric shuffling really make the quilts sing.  The instructions are very clear and easy to follow, with helpful hints along the way.  I'd call it stress free block construction!
I had so much fun making these blocks, that I whipped out 60 after deciding I liked the first 28.  And by trimming the blocks bigger than the suggested size (I have a real problem with waste!), the quilt measures approximately 59" x 89".

Here are more closeups of the blocks and quilting, which had to be cherries!

The back is pieced--gasp!--since I normally don't do pieced backs. 

But for this, I wanted to use up the fabric scraps and a piece in my stash.  Just making room for more fabric!
Doesn't this make you want to eat some Chocolate Covered Cherries???

Happy Quilting!

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