Friday, February 5, 2016

Split Complementary Work

The last couple of days have been devoted to mostly boring sewing, stitching up around 85 blocks from a small stack of nickels. Here's just two of the blocks,

made from purple nickels and other yardage in my stash.

This project accomplishes three goals: working on a color scheme for the Book of the Month selection, participating in the #purplesewingchallenge over at Sarah Goer Quilts, and using up those nickels.

Let's talk about the color scheme first. Looking through the nickels, Red-Violet was the predominant hue, with it's complimentary Chartreuse. I would have used that combo, except my stash was lacking enough Chartreuse for all of those nickels. Instead, I opted for a Split-Complimentary scheme, using the two hues next to Chartreuse, Yellow and Yellow-Green. These are represented on the card.

Unfortunately, I didn't have enough yardage in the stash of a darker value, so the block is a bit dull.

But I forged ahead, working until I ran out of green. Disappointed, I had only used half of the nickels. The quilt was too big for a baby but not big enough for a lap size, I hit the stash again.

This time, I moved one step out on the color wheel, choosing fabric that was Golden-Yellow and Spring Green.

Now this scheme is much better, and the nickels are all used up. The next step is to come up with an appropriate layout using both schemes. I'll start out with the first scheme in the center and the second on the edge, then vice versa. Or maybe something else!

Oh! And because I don't like to throw away tiny, usable bits of fabric, I stitched HST's at the same time. 

That's why the boring sewing. Now I have this:

Lots of trimming to do. I'll try out a new technique for that which The Inquiring Quilter blogged about last week. Hopefully, it will make the process faster! And with all of these HST's, I'm thinking of an HST challenge for next month. Anyone want to play?? But if you're looking for a fun purple challenge, go check it out at Sarah's.

Have a great weekend quilting!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

My New Toy!

Yep, there's a new toy in the studio! Something to make my sewing and quilting a lot more enjoyable! No, it's not a new machine, nor is it some awesome quilting tool. 
It's this:

an incredibly small, no bigger than my hand, but powerful wireless speaker! How cool is that? This means I can now listen to music without earbuds. Woohoo!

This speaker, made by DKnight, is the MagicBox II Wireless Speaker that hubby found on Amazon. 

I wanted something that didn't take up a ton of space, had great output, was wireless, and most important, didn't break the bank, making this my first choice. 

Syncing my phone to it was easy, so now I can play my favorite tunes with incredibly beautiful sound. It's wonderful to have the room filled with music!

Yesterday, I used the app Overdrive to download an audio book and happily sewed while listening to the entire book. That's almost four hours - I don't think I could have withstood earbuds for that long. There are so many books I want to catch up on!

Am I a happy camper? You bet! Why did I wait so long???

Have a wonderful day quilting!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Midweek Makers #5

Welcome to Midweek Makers, the place to show off! 
Last week, there were some gorgeous projects presented! Yanicka, at Finding Myself as an Artist, is working on hand applique - such lovely flowers! 
Yanicka, be sure to grab a feature button!

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What are you working on this week? Link up your fabric projects below! But please keep these basic rules in mind:

  • Please link directly to your specific post, not your main blog page.
  • Link any recent post that has to do with sewing and fabric.
  • Visit the other party guests and leave a comment. It's a great way to make new friends!
  • Grab the Midweek Makers button code to put on your post or sidebar to let everyone know about the party!

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    Have a great day and let's party!

    Tuesday, February 2, 2016

    Love Abounds Version 2

    Last week, I posted about my latest (and prettiest!) table runner, Love Abounds.

    This past weekend, while cleaning up the studio, I happened across a pretty hand dyed teal batik that had pink in it. 

    Now wouldn't those hearts cut from the centers in Love Abounds look pretty on that? And without a second thought, I fused them down. Granted, they were a bit smaller than the original pattern, but it was still easy to figure out their placement.

    This is Love Abounds, Version 2!

    Oh, and I had fun quilting this! 

    I normally don't do a lot of feathers, but I certainly did on this one! I had such a great time meandering around with feathers and swirls - sometimes you just have to go for it!

    The hearts are filled with either crosshatching (2 have curved crosshatch), or pebbles with swirls. 

    This runner is just as lovely as the first! It's nice to have two options to the pattern, one as outlines, and the other as solids. A definite bonus! For the pattern, check out my Craftsy or Etsy stores, and let your love abound!

    Happy Valentine's Day!

    Monday, February 1, 2016

    Book of the Month February 2016

    Welcome to the Book of the Month! This time I'm featuring a book about color called the Quilt Colour Workshop,

    written by several quilters from the Fat Quarterly, which is an online modern quilting group.

    I'm drawn to this book because of the different color combinations displayed in it, finding them quite intriguing. Sometimes I struggle with color combinations, so I'm always on the lookout for information that makes color selection make sense. 

    So much of quilting these days involves precuts, which means the fabrics and colors already work together. But how does one put together a fabulous quilt with the stash of fabrics at hand? That's what I'm hoping this book will assist with. Goodness knows I don't need another quilt that could have benefited from some additional color - or less!!

    Will I actually make a project from the book? Probably not. What I would rather do is explore color combinations, and just play with color. So let's see how it goes!

    Have a great day quilting!

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